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Christmas present idea: Gymba – the activity board
Better exercise and health by 'walking whilst standing'

(Hamburg/Haselau, 11.11.2015) Tension and back pain are common place due to a lack of movement. Unfortunately many people do not fit enough exercise into their daily routine. This can be changed with the innovative Gymba activity board. This extraordinary board is a quick and easy way of incorporating exercise by just standing on it. 'Walking whilst standing' is the motto - and it applies pretty much everywhere and anywhere: at your standing desk in the office, and home and even when travelling, as at 1.5 kg Gymba is a lightweight among training equipment. It is an ideal Christmas present for anyone for who wants to help themselves or their loved ones find better health and wellbeing.

The Gymba activity board is really easy to use: You stand on it and everything else happens automatically. The special properties of the board's material moves you automatically and activates you deep muscles. Volker Timm, a Hamburg-based specialist in ergonomics, recommends Gymba to anyone wanting to exercise more. He says that "regular use of Gymba has extraordinarily positive effects on the body". This is because the flexible training board was specially developed for standing in a healthy and proper way and encouraging a healthy, upright posture. This dynamically removes the load from your back and activates the body.


Like a stroll through the woods - easy to include in your day-to-day routine.

Timm compares dynamically standing on Gymba with a stroll on a gentle woodland ground. This activates the foot, knee and hip joints and improves venous return as well as strengthening deep muscles and tendons. Regular use of Gymba allows tension to be released and back pain to disappear. It also has positive effects on your sense of balance and fitness as well as your fat metabolism. The expert also states "it reduces the risk of heart and vein disorders". "The great thing about Gymba is that it can be used anywhere, any time, and as such it can be used for example in the office with a standing desk where it can be discreetly integrated into your daily routine and become part of the body-centred working concept."

Gymba: Body-centred working

Multiple additional uses: Gymnastics, rehabilitation, balance training

There are many uses for Gymba and it can also be used for relaxing, stretching and elongating the back, calf muscles and ankles, and balance training, and has great value for physical rehabilitation or with balance training for elderly people. According to Volker Timm, "Gymba makes you healthier and more active" and he recommends this extraordinary and innovative activity board as a healthy Christmas present.

From Finland - available in specialist stores and online

The Gymba activity board comes from Finland and is distributed in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia by ERGOTRADING GmbH. It is available in specialist stores as well as online at www.ergoweb/gymba-gehen-im-stehen and costs €153.51 plus VAT.

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ERGOTRADING is a company based in Hamburg and Haselau near Hamburg founded in 1987 and specialising in the sale and distribution of ergonomic products for the office. The founder and owner Volker Temm has used his decades of experience to develop the 'body-centred working' (Körperzentriert Arbeiten®) concept for minimising stress on the body caused by office work. This places the focus on individual requirements to select suitable products. ERGOTRADING is constantly on the hunt for new products that support the 'body-centred working' (Körperzentriert Arbeiten®) concept and as such contribute to making office work healthier and pain-free.

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