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Christmas present idea: Gymba – the activity board
Better exercise and health by 'walking whilst standing'

(Hamburg/Haselau, 11.11.2015) Tension and back pain are common place due to a lack of movement. Unfortunately many people do not fit enough exercise into their daily routine. This can be changed with the innovative Gymba activity board. This extraordinary board is a quick and easy way of incorporating exercise by just standing on it. 'Walking whilst standing' is the motto - and it applies pretty much everywhere and anywhere: at your standing desk in the office, and home and even when travelling, as at 1.5 kg Gymba is a lightweight among training equipment. It is an ideal Christmas present for anyone for who wants to help themselves or their loved ones find better health and wellbeing.


Press information
Worldwide innovation: Gymba - the activity board - 'Walking whilst standing'
Movement while working in the office, simple occasional activity, balance training

(Hamburg/Haselau/Düsseldorf, 27.10.2015) 'Gymba' is the name of an extraordinary piece of equipment to make keeping healthy during your daily office and home routine easy. You just stand on it and everything else happens automatically. The special properties of the board's material ensure automatic movement, muscle activity and gentle training. It also trains your sense of balance. Gymba is particularly suited for standing desks at the office. 'Walking whilst standing' is so easy to integrate with everyday activity.


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to the A + A Fair from 27 to 30.10.2015 in Düsseldorf
Body-centred working (Körperzentriert Arbeiten)® – healthy and fit in the office
Worldwide innovation: Gymba - the activity board - 'Walking whilst standing'

(Hamburg/Haselau, 05.10.2015) The Hamburg company ERGOTRADING is introducing an extraordinary product innovation at the A+A Fair at the end of October in Düsseldorf: the innovative Gymba activity board. Gymba is a simple and effective way for making office work healthier and more relaxed when standing. It is being presented together with other extraordinary ergonomic devices and products, including the RollerMouse RED.


Sitting down = smoking

Excessive sitting is the most recent big finding of health instructors. It has been stated to cause similar health risks and “Western diseases” as smoking does. Experts are so concerned about sitting down that people have started talking about a “sitting disease”.


One sick leave day is around 350 euros

A number of statistics reveal that during 2012, back pain caused more than 330,000 sick leave days, costing almost 120 million euros to Finnish companies and the society. On a national level, the costs rise up to 600 million euros at minimum. Doctors working for occupational health alone get almost 200,000 patients a year because of back pain.


Tips for using Gymba

If you have made sure your back pain is not caused by illness or injury, you might also want to use Gymba to stretch your lower back and calves, as well as to strengthen your ankles.



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