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People often think that a healthy dose of exercise might make up for the damages of excessive sitting. It is naturally beneficial to an office worker’s health to exercise during his/her free time, but it is also important to take into account that even for a sports enthusiast excessive sitting is a considerable health risk. This is why we should pay more attention to preventing the health damages of sitting down at the workplace as well. Read more about the solutions and adopt the ones that you think are the best suited for yourself.

Excessive sitting every day has the chance of expediting the development of “Western diseases” and thus shortening life expectancy. Read on to find out how and why.

What can we do to prevent these disadvantages?


1. Make pauses

It is always good to have enough pauses and to stretch your muscles throughout the day. You could even install an application to remind you to take a break regularly – or to bring up stretching instructions. While on the phone, you can walk in a small circle in your office. The trashcan and printer should ideally be located at a walking distance.

All in all, make sure that you stand up at least once every hour, even if it is only for a minute of not sitting down.


2. Use a standing desk

Every office should have standing desks, or at the minimum, at least one workstation where you can work in an upright position. Compared to sitting down, standing up doubles your muscle activity. Additionally, standing up increases your activeness because it makes you less susceptible to remain in the same position for too long.


3. Increase our daily activeness

Walking or cycling to work is very beneficial to your health. You could also give your seat to someone else in a crowded pub or bus. Taking the stairs is usually faster than using the lift. Instead of just sitting on the couch while watching TV, you could use the time for stretching. Instead of a coffee house, catch up with your friend on a healthy evening walk or run.

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4. Exercise enough

A couple of active exercising sessions a week will not negate the damages of a desk job. Fifteen minutes spent outside every day is a good start, though. We recommend adapting your body and your schedule for active exercising while off work. You’ll notice that you actually have time for exercising if you mark your sessions in your calendar beforehand. The next step towards a balanced and healthy lifestyle can be found in a hobby that you would be into even without its health benefits.


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