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In many cases, office workers might be in this kind of a standby state for hours even without noticing it.

The tensed up posture exhausts our muscles and causes neck pain and headaches. During a normal day, we might lose height by more than a centimeter, because sitting down squeezes our intervertebral discs. The discs lose their fluids and, as a result, their elasticity. This is why excessive sitting makes us feel rigid. If we exercise the recommended minimum of 30 minutes a day, and remain passive for the rest 23,5 hours, we obviously will not be able to negate the damage caused by our passivity.


1. Small board - big effect

Gymba makes you more active, as it has been designed to help you stand up the right way. Using the board is simple: Just place it under your feet, and that’s all there is to it! Gymba helps you balance your posture, adapting to your weight. You can continue working normally without having to worry about overstraining your feet or your back.


2. Your new 50-50 working day

We recommend that you use Gymba about half of the time that you spend at the workplace. After a few days of use already, you should notice that your pains are dissipating, you are in better shape, your deeper muscles are getting exercise, and, as a result, the overall condition of your body is better. This has been established via numerous clinical trials and a comprehensive Gymba test group. Join us and start feeling better today – with Gymba.

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3. Studies are on Gymba

According to a number of studies, women tend to sit down approximately seven and men even more than seven hours a day. Half of this at work, half off work. After retirement, the amount of time spent sitting down tends to decrease slightly. Employers seldom offer an alternative to sitting down at work. The employee is required to use a computer, but does not have the option to use a standing desk. Sitting is poison for your back.

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4. Activate your muscles

People that are required to walk, bend and stretch during their workday suffer from musculoskeletal disorders more seldom than those sitting down most of the day. Simply standing up is already healthier, because your muscles need to work in order to support your posture.


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