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Gymba - The healthy way to stand

Gymba helps your back,
your calves and soles of your feet
to stretch and
ankle strengthening.

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Allow your back dynamic relief

Put it simply under your feet - that's all!

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Your height-adjustable desk
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Catch already at work
thus to actively against
risks of prolonged sitting to
to protect and stand
on! With Gymba!

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The Gymba board

Researcher Arto Pesola states that making sitting down at work less popular would have a beneficial effect on national health. The revolution of using small, everyday choices for improving your health requires changes at the workplace as well. The right kind of lifestyle guidance can help reduce the health disadvantages of sitting down, but it is even more crucial to make decisive changes to the underlying structures of people’s working life.

The Gymba board

Most people stand up the wrong way, alternating between their left and right leg. Their spine is askew and their ankles in an incorrect position. Standing up like this can be detrimental rather than being healthy. This is why it is important to pay attention to your posture. By using Gymba, you can make sure you always have the correct posture.

Time to stand up

Excessive sitting every day has the chance of expediting the development of “Western diseases” and thus shortening life expectancy. This is why we should pay more attention to preventing the health damages of sitting down at the workplace as well. Read more about the solutions and adopt the ones that you think are best suited for yourself. Sitting down has a negative effect on your quality of life. Click the link below to find out how and why.


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